Industrial safety

Industrial safety, preservation of life and health of workers in modern high-tech construction are the primary goals and objectives that cannot be neglected, treated formally, declaratively, without initiative and without daily monitoring. The concept of Promfinstroy JSC, its basic principles are that the production safety culture, its implementation, development and maintenance at a high level is a continuous process that requires constant attention, improving methods and tools.

The Joint-Stock Company is guided not only by compliance with the legislation, norms and acts of the Russian Federation in the field of industrial safety and labor protection, but also by advanced domestic and international experience. In addition to its own program, Promfinstroy JSC also actively participates in measures for occupational safety and industrial safety of its customers.

Promfinstroy achieves accident-free operation and the absence of accidents at work by:

A set of security measures, instruction and training is aimed at detailing control and instruction according to the areas of construction activity. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used competently and consciously to prevent the negative impact on employees of such factors as:

All employees of Promfinstroy JSC are regularly instructed, and most importantly, they work out the skills of actions in the event of an emergency. Fire safety training is conducted at enterprises and construction sites. Zones of high-risk work (gas-hazardous, fire, earthwork, high-altitude, lifting work, installation of electrical equipment, etc.) are separately marked at the stage of construction planning and are issued with special acts of admission.

Responsibility for non-compliance with the rules and instructions is borne not only by managers, but also by the ordinary working staff.

Also, Promfinstroy JSC has established the practice of attracting specialized organizations for advanced training in the field of life and health protection of employees of the enterprise. In particular, in 2022 Promfinstroy JSC once again concluded contracts with the Russian Red Cross and the ANO DPO Profiklass Institute. The specialists of the organizations conducted — in two streams — training on first aid among the employees of the enterprise. Thanks to the good organization of the process, the consciousness of the participants and the professionalism of the specialists, all the students received certificates.