Welding works

JSC "PROMFINSTROY" performs all types of welding works used in the installation and repair of welded joints of pipelines and pressure vessels, primarily for industrial facilities and structures.

Industrial welding work is the specialization of PROMFINSTROY JSC. In the conditions of growing every year requirements for new types of steel and their combinations, as well as an increase in the diameter and thickness of the walls of pipelines, pressure vessels and other industrial equipment, PROMFINSTROY JSC objectively relies on its own welding quality control department - UKKS. The site carries out quality control of welded joints of boilers, vessels, tanks, turbines, technological pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines during construction and repair in the chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, boiler, nuclear industries.

The welding quality control section of PROMFINSTROY JSC has all the necessary and up-to-date certificates of certification of personnel and equipment. Here, such methods of non-destructive testing and diagnostics are used, such as:

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