Anti-corrosion works

PROMFINSTROY JSC is all types of anti-corrosion treatment of equipment of industrial enterprises, including with the help of building alpinism.

Vast experience of successfully completed orders has been accumulated by PROMFINSTROY JSC in anti-corrosion work, which is supported by all the necessary certificates for the applied coatings, as well as a license to perform anti-corrosion protection work.

Qualified specialists of the enterprise use modern materials and equipment. Petrochemical industry facilities - protection of cooling towers, internal and external surfaces of tanks for various purposes - is a special specialization of PROMFINSTROY JSC, as it is one of the few enterprises that has experience in repairing anti-corrosion coatings on tanks filled with oil products, as well as applying heat-resistant compositions on the surface of furnaces and pipelines.

Fire protection is carried out by intumescent paints and varnishes - both domestic compositions "Ograx" and imported "Nullifaye". Fire resistance up to 90 minutes.

To apply paint and varnish compositions with a service life of more than 10 years, PROMFINSTROY specialists carry out preliminary sandblasting of surfaces - abrasive and hydroabrasive. This is a high-quality cleaning of any surfaces from corrosion products, scale scale, soot, hardened and not hardened oil products (bitumen, fuel oil, etc.), old multi-layer paint and varnish coatings. The anti-corrosion section of the company works with a wide variety of surfaces of equipment, structures and structures.

Also JSC "PROMFINSTROY" performs high-altitude work with the help of construction climbing - in cases where the use of other methods (construction of scaffolding, towers, lifting mechanisms) due to the characteristics of the object is difficult or not justified. This allows both the customer and the company to significantly reduce the time of work and their cost.

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