Charitable activities of JSC «Promfinstroy»

The motto of Promfinstroy JSC is "Always there". And any motto, if, of course, it is not an empty advertising slogan, is first of all a challenge, a voluntary commitment made to society, and it must be constantly confirmed in the eyes of those who trust or are just going to trust an industrial company.

Promfinstroy has managed to prove its honesty, professionalism and self-sufficiency over three decades of growth. And not only in the construction sector. After all, growing strength and power presuppose an ever-increasing share of social responsibility, oblige to participate in the affairs of public organizations and movements, to be able to hear the aspirations of ordinary residents in the capital and regions where there are representative offices of the joint-stock company. It can be argued with all thoroughness that Promfinstroy did not ignore any appeal for help.

Over the years, Promfinstroy JSC has developed a number of priority areas in targeted support. The company's management adheres to the principle of permanent patronage with established trusteeship relations.

For example, for many years Promfinstroy has been doing its best to help the Holy Intercession Diocesan Convent in Suzdal, Vladimir region - one of the oldest Orthodox monasteries in Russia, founded in the XIV century. Today the monastery is one of the centers of Orthodox pilgrimage.

But the path to this revival took more than a quarter of a century. But in addition to the restoration of temples on the territory of the monastery and attached ones, an orphanage for orphan girls, a Sunday school is also open in the monastery, a boarding house for the elderly and disabled, where nun sisters work, is located nearby. And this has always required and requires a strong shoulder of support. In 2017, in connection with the 25th anniversary of the monastery's revival, Metropolitan Evlogy of Vladimir and Suzdal awarded the Director General Andrey Anatolyevich Volynets with the diocesan Medal of St. Andrey Bogolyubsky II degree.

Promfinstroy JSC has patronage over the St. Daniel Monastery in Moscow, over the Kostroma Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery. And in 2010, specialists of the UKS of Promfinstroy JSC in Ryazan, using their installation equipment, installed a new dome on the church of the Icon of the Kazan Mother of God in the village of Izhevsk, Ryazan region.

May 9 is a special date for Promfinstroy, but it takes the company the whole year to prepare for it. Meetings with war veterans, active participation in veterans' organizations, in historical and patriotic societies, in events dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War - all this is an absolute priority for the company's management.

But assistance to the disabled also occupies a special place in the affairs of Promfinstroy JSC. This includes targeted assistance to disabled children, for example, annual participation in the campaign "For our Happy Childhood" - purchases of gifts, toys, stationery, household items and gift certificates are carried out at the expense of the joint—stock company. And large-scale sports competitions of Paralympians, as well as year—round trainings that take place at the sports base of the Peresvet Park Hotel, owned by Promfinstroy JSC, for children and adults. All conditions and amenities have been created for Paralympians and their family members, taking into account their wishes. Thanks to this, for example, it was possible to organize training camps and sledge hockey competitions for small sledge hockey players more than once.

In general, the topic of sports and active physical education in general is what else Promfinstroy JSC occupies. Winter skiing in "Peresvet"; hockey (a traditional tournament for the Cup of the head of the Moscow Railways); figure skating (athletes celebrate the sports base "Peresvet" and its ice arena as one of the best in the country); rhythmic gymnastics with the April tournament "Spring Peresvet"; targeted assistance with the purchase of equipment and equipment for sports schools of the regions, as for example, for Yaroslavl SS-13; flowboarding and ballroom dancing are both for the most familiar sports, and for very new, but promising ones in the education of the younger generation, for everything Promfinstroy JSC will have attention and full—fledged help.