Виды работ (EN)

Construction and installation works
JSC "PROMFINSTROY" is all types of construction and installation works for production facilities or structures for other purposes.
General construction and finishing works
JSC "PROMFINSTROY" performs all types of general construction and finishing works, as well as above-ground and underground communications, water supply networks of any configuration, chambers, wells, etc.
Mechanical repair shop
The mechanical repair shop of PROMFINSTROY JSC performs scheduled maintenance and repair of the equipment of the entire enterprise, and also manufactures spare parts and replacement parts.
Anti-corrosion works
PROMFINSTROY JSC is all types of anti-corrosion treatment of equipment of industrial enterprises, including with the help of building alpinism.
Welding works
JSC "PROMFINSTROY" performs all types of welding works used in the installation and repair of welded joints of pipelines and pressure vessels, primarily for industrial facilities and structures.
Electrical installation works
JSC "PROMFINSTROY" by means of its own electrical installation site and the section of instrumentation and automation performs all types of work on the installation of external engineering networks and communications facilities, all installation and commissioning during the construction and repair of petrochemical enterprises and other facilities.
Industrial ventilation
PROMFINSTROY JSC independently manufactures and installs air ducts for industrial ventilation of all complexity categories.
Production base
Own fleet of modern equipment, workshops, controls, laboratories, production and storage facilities — a reliable basis of PROMFINSTROY JSC