The Afipsky Oil Refinery is one of the largest oil refineries in the south of Russia. It is also the only provider of water supply, wastewater treatment and electricity transit to nearby settlements and industrial facilities.

The projects of reconstruction of the enterprise and construction of new facilities for expansion and modernization of production have been considered by the management of ANPZ for many years. When finally these plans became practical and the question arose about the candidacy of a general contractor for implementation, the choice fell on PROMFINSTROY JSC. By that time PROMFINSTROY was already an enterprise with a stable reputation as a serious and experienced partner in the field of industrial construction. For example, as part of the modernization project of the Orsk Plant, PROMFINSTROY JSC successfully carried out similar reconstruction and construction work.

Fruitful cooperation between ANPZ and PROMFINSTROY JSC was implemented in two stages. In 2012, PROMFINSTROY started a two-year project for the construction of a gallery railway draining and filling overpass and general factory facilities. In parallel, in the same years, the reconstruction of the ANPZ tank farm took place. All the facilities were commissioned on time — in 2014. Thanks to this, the Afipsky Oil Refinery was able to increase production in general, strengthen and expand the scope of its activities.

In 2019, the Afipsky Refinery started a production modernization program — the construction of a hydrocracking complex. The main objects of the complex are the hydrocracking plant itself and the factory facilities, as well as the hydrogen production plant and the sulfur production plant.

Construction and installation works on the construction of hydrocracking and hydrogen production plants were the first to start. At the end of 2019, PROMFINSTROY started a project for the construction of a sulfur production plant, and the construction of factory facilities began next year. In particular, since 2021, a new stage of the project has begun — the construction of local treatment facilities and inter-shop overpasses.

The prospects of commissioning a new hydrocracking complex and a delayed cracking unit give ANPZ new production capabilities for deep oil refining and for the production of marketable products. It is planned to increase the processing depth from 76.7% to 98.1%, and the output of light oil products — from 54.2% to 87.7%.

In addition, the Afipsky Oil Refinery, having increased its capacity, will exclude fuel oil and vacuum gas oil from the product line, using them as semi—finished products for further processing and production of light oil products - high-quality and in demand by the market.

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