PROMFINSTROY JSC and Ryazan Oil Refining Company are long—standing and strong partners in the construction, reconstruction and repair of oil refining facilities. For more than 16 years PROMFINSTROY has been performing a complex of works related to the construction and modernization of production for RNPC.

The beginning of this long-term cooperation should be considered 2002, when PROMFINSTROY received the status of a general contractor for capital construction and major repairs for RNPC. At the same time, an unprecedented project was launched for the construction of a vacuum gas oil hydrotreating complex, which included several large-scale facilities:

  • installation of vacuum gas oil hydrotreating;
  • hydrogen production plant;
  • chemical water treatment plant;
  • integrated waste disposal and recycling facility of the VGO complex;
  • VGO industrial park;
  • torch farming.

All these facilities were commissioned on time, scheduled for 2006. At the same time, work was underway on the construction of a combined unit for the production and reduction of sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid alkylation with an isomerization unit of normal butane.

In subsequent years, PROMFINSTROY JSC continued the construction of technological facilities for the Ryazan oil refinery, and also started a number of reconstructions for the enterprise, for example, LCH 24/6 and LCH-24/7 installations. Until 2016, PROMFINSTROY inclusive:

  • builds tanks RVS-806, 807 with a volume of 50 thousand m3, as well as RVS-9.10 with a volume of 10 thousand m3;
  • builds a single household building;
  • erects a gallery overpass for loading petroleum products;
  • puts into operation the ISOMALK-2-LIN-800 low-temperature isomerization unit complex;
  • completes a single laboratory building;
  • carries out work on the construction of the compressor station CVK-3.

In 2017-2018. PROMFINSTROY JSC has started, along with reconstructions, the overhaul of RNPC facilities. This includes the overhaul of the AT-6 unit with the VT-4 unit, and the reconstruction of the 19/5 bitumen raw material mixing unit, and the modernization of the latching, regeneration and reagent supply system at the reforming unit. Projects for the reconstruction of the ELOU-AT-6 primary oil refining unit have also been successfully completed.

In addition, PROMFINSTROY JSC on an ongoing basis oversees all requests for the current repair of the Ryazan oil refinery, maintaining its technological installations in working order and carrying out scheduled preventive work.

Today, the Ryazan Oil Refining Company is a powerful enterprise that processes more than 18 million tons of oil per year. More than half of the petroleum products produced by RNPC are light, and the processing depth reaches 73.1%.

You can get acquainted with the main performance indicators of JSC "Ryazan Oil Refining Company" on the website of PJSC "NK ROSNEFT".

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