For one of the oldest oil refineries in Russia, the launch of a new industrial complex was a successful outcome of a major investment project. The pentane-hexane fraction isomerization complex was built by PROMFINSTROY Joint Stock Company in a short time — 22 months.

The isomerization unit produces a component of commercial gasoline. And this gave the Saratov Refinery the opportunity to produce Euro-5 class fuel without involving imported components in this process. The volume of processing at the plant is 300 thousand tons of raw materials per year. With the launch of the complex, not only the depth of oil refining has increased, but also the volume of production of high-octane gasoline.

In addition, in the course of modernization, the Saratov Refinery eliminated most of the facilities that no longer met either modern industrial production or increased requirements from environmentalists and occupational safety specialists.

The large-scale reconstruction of the enterprise was comparable to the construction of a new oil refinery. And allowed after the launch in 2012 to reach volumes of 6.9 million tons of oil. And also expand the range of manufactured petroleum products. At  today the Saratov Refinery produces:
—environmentally friendly fuel of the Euro-5 standard;
—fuel oil;
—bitumen of various brands;
—vacuum gas oil;
—technical sulfur.

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7 million t
oil refining volume
72 %
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